The development of a bunion, or hallux valgus, takes place over a long period of time and does not always have to be associated with pain. But many sufferers ask themselves: When should you have a hallux valgus operation? Often such a bump on the big toe is genetically determined. If you have been dealing with a painful or sore bunion, you should think about surgical treatment for your hallux valgus.

When is the right time for bunion surgery? 

 The right time for a hallux valgus operation depends on various factors:

  • Once or several times a year, the bunion becomes inflamed to form bursitis.
  • The ganglion on the big toe is always sore or very red and swollen from wearing shoes.
  • You adopt a protective posture so that you can walk without much pain.
  • Conservative hallux valgus therapies such as foot gymnastics, insoles or physiotherapy have not brought satisfactory results.

Important: Even if the ball of the big toe has been causing chronic pain for years or hurts even at rest, these can be indicators that speak for hallux valgus surgery. Ultimately, however, a decision MUST always be made on a case-by-case basis. Only after a personal consultation, thorough examination and diagnostics can a recommendation and, based on this, a decision be made.

Now to the foot surgeon

At the latest when one of the above symptoms occurs, you should consult a qualified foot surgeon with the aim of discussing a bunion surgery. This foot surgeon should first take a holistic look at your feet and your body statics and give you a clear treatment recommendation, which could lead to a cause-oriented hallux valgus operation. The goals are to correct the foot ideally, to exclude a recurrence (relapse) as best as possible and to be free of pain in the long term.

In the private practice of Tonio Gottlieb, MD in Berlin-Zehlendorf, you will be examined with the greatest care, individually looked after and optimally cared for - before and after hallux valgus surgery.

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