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Dr. med. Tonio Gottlieb has been working as a specialist in foot surgery since 1997. As one of the few foot specialists in Berlin, he treats the entire foot, from the ankle, to the tarsus, to the metatarsus, to the forefoot.

Dr. Gottlieb's foot surgery practice treats each patient individually and with the time required to make the correct diagnosis using the most modern examination methods, to provide comprehensive advice and to make the best possible treatment recommendation according to their needs.

In addition to his private medical practice, Dr. Gottlieb actively conducts research and thus ensures further development in the field of foot medicine. Scientific lectures and publications on his research can be found here. 

scientific contributions

After 15 years of pain and countless diagnoses: Berlin foot surgeon dr. Gottlieb, helps patient back to a self-determined life

Pain in the feet usually has complex causes that often remain undiscovered during a superficial examination - Ms B. also had to make this experience. For fifteen years, her everyday life was characterised by foot pain, no doctor could help her. She was all the more relieved that treatment with the foot specialist Dr Tonio Gottlieb, MD finally brought a solution!

The right way to walk

How does correct walking work? The development of one's own gait and why walking can cause pain. Important insights that help to understand why a "normal gait" is so important.

Splayfoot, flatfoot and fallen arches - It doesn't always have to be an operation

"Actually, 'the' perfect foot only exists in the textbook," knows Tonio Gottlieb, MD. "I prefer to speak of an average foot," explains the specialist surgeon and certified foot surgeon from Berlin-Zehlendorf.

Full contact with the ground, flat feet

When insoles no longer help and there is constant pain - even when resting. A short info on flat foot surgery using the example of a patient.

Hallux valgus  treatment in Berlin - advantages of holistic treatment

Deformity, pain, pressure points - a malposition of the ball of the big toe often goes unnoticed for a long time until noticeable discomfort sets in. Because the cause is usually instability of the entire foot structure, holistic treatment is recommended. In addition to the ball of the big toe, it also looks at the whole foot and the gait pattern. Treatment can be symptomatic or long-term with surgery. An expert who carries out all options of hallux valgus treatment in his practice with a lot of experience practices in Berlin.

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