optimised scheduling & disinfection | www.jordicervera.comTo minimise the risk of infection for you and our practice team as much as possible, we have adjusted our appointment scheduling so that there is only one patient in the waiting room at a time. Should you arrive a little early, we will be happy to note your mobile phone number and notify you as soon as the waiting area is free.

Of course, both the waiting area and the treatment room are comprehensively disinfected after each patient: From the counter to the chairs and door handles to the treatment couch.

Please support us by keeping appointments on time! If you notice symptoms that indicate a respiratory infection before the scheduled appointment, please inform us to reschedule the appointment for a later date!


Hygiene rules for your consultation with Dr. Gottlieb in Berlin

Our practice team does its best to protect your health - in return, we ask you to observe the following simple hygiene rules:

  • Mouth-nose protection: Please put on your mask before entering the practice. Dr. Gottlieb and his team also wear medical mouth-nose protection to prevent transmission of the virus via the breath.
  • Hand disinfection: Please clean your hands after entering our practice, we have soap, towels and disinfectant ready for you.
  • Keep your distance: Please observe the distance line on the counter. You will also be sitting a little at a distance when talking to Dr. Gottlieb; when examining your foot, on the other hand, a certain closeness is of course required.


Additional protective measures during surgery

Whether outpatient or inpatient - at the foot surgeon Dr. Gottlieb, the entire surgical spectrum can currently be performed. This is possible thanks to extensive safety precautions both in the practice and in the private clinics where Dr. Gottlieb operates on his patients.

The health check is an important component of this protection concept: Please understand that a whole-body status check is carried out before every intervention. This includes listening to the lungs in order to detect possible corona infections at an early stage, if necessary also in the absence of noticeable symptoms.

We look forward to welcoming you in person soon!

Dr. Gottlieb & his practice team

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