Reconstruction of foot arch / hindfootOperation procedure

Reconstructions of the tarsus are interventions of a very different nature. They include calcaneal realignments (lengthening surgery or heel shifts), fusion of the talus and navicular bone or calcaneus and talus or combinations of these fusions. In most cases, the aim is to straighten a completely flattened arch of the foot. Here, in the case of flexible deformities, an attempt is made to preserve all the joints by strengthening the muscles that hold the arch of the foot (transfer from long toe flexor to tibialis posterior tendon) and at the same time improving the leverage of these muscles by displacing (Dwyer osteotomy) or lengthening (Evans procedure) or a combination of these two procedures (central calcaneus osteotomy) the calcaneus.

In the case of rigid, immobile flatfoot deformities, fusion of the joints of the hindfoot in a favourable position is then used. Almost all of these corrections require a prolonged (usually also individually adapted) non weight bearing period and the use of crutches postoperatively.

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Type of treatment:
3-5 days inpatient
Duration of post-operative care:
6 weeks cast shoe