Foot surgery from a single mould

Together with the partners of the foot surgery practice, additional services relating to foot and ankle treatments can be offered from a single source. These may include services such as physiotherapy, which are usually required after foot surgery. Or in advance of a diagnosis, if certain imaging procedures, such as X-rays, are necessary.

Co-operation partners and services:

  • An insole consultation takes place every second Wednesday at Dr Gottlieb's private foot surgery practice in Berlin-Zehlendorf. In close consultation with the master orthopaedic technician, e.g. Mr Christian Kuhlmey from the company Körting, Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik.
  • Physiotherapy and physiotherapy appointments are usually held on Mondays in Dr Gottlieb's foot surgery practice, e.g. by Mr Wolfgang Hädelt, physiotherapist.
  • If an imaging procedure is required for diagnostics, such as an X-ray or MRI scan, a modern MVZ "Your Radiologists" is available as a partner in the immediate vicinity
  • The "Barefoot" practice for podiatry / medical foot care and foot treatments is embedded directly in the foot surgery practice.

All services provided by our co-operation partners are embedded in a holistic approach as part of your foot and ankle treatment.

Dr Tonio Gottlieb, MD accompanies your treatment with the practice partners in a needs-oriented manner, so that a procedure can be adapted at any time.

Both post-operative treatment with physiotherapy and a conservative approach, e.g. with insole therapy, take place in direct consultation with Tonio Gottlieb, MD.

Of course, treatment by physiotherapists and orthotists of your choice is also supported as much as possible.

Dr Gottlieb, MD:

"To ensure efficient and sustainable treatment, I want to personally accompany important treatment steps. That's why our partners come to our practice, so I can ensure an ideal healing process."


The clinic partners for foot and ankle surgery

If foot or ankle surgery is required, e.g. due to a foot fracture, foot or toe misalignment or due to an injury, Dr Tonio Gottlieb, MD operates on his patients in selected clinics:

  • Sanssouci Clinic in Potsdam (Brandenburg)
  • Avicenna Clinic in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Dr Tonio Gottlieb, MD has been working successfully and trustingly with these clinic partners for many years. During your stay in the clinic, Dr Gottlieb, MD will also provide you with comprehensive support on site and plan your individual aftercare with you to ensure optimal healing.