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As a specialist for the whole foot, Dr. med. Tonio Gottlieb develops optimal treatment strategies.
The philosophy: high medical quality through specialisation.

The number and quality of surgical procedures for the correction of foot deformities has increased considerably. Operations have become gentler and follow-up treatments have become much shorter. Foot surgery therapies range from reconstructive interventions to symptomatic, joint-preserving, load-stabilising and minimally invasive interventions.

In a personal consultation, Dr. Gottlieb will advise you comprehensively and discuss with you the options for the most suitable treatments and therapies for your feet.

The treatment spectrum includes almost all surgical and orthopaedic diseases from diagnosis to therapy.

Modern surgery - load-stable and sustainable

Dr. med. Tonio Gottlieb deals with all diseases of the foot and attaches great importance to a long-term healing method with the aim of restoring the patient's normal resilience and walking ability, which correspond to his or her activity wishes. The desire for minimally invasive treatment methods is naturally and as far as possible taken into account by Dr. Gottlieb.

In addition to a thorough analysis of the lower limbs to check the mobility of the ankle and knee joints, X-rays are taken and evaluated under stress. Dr. Gottlieb then coordinates the planning of further treatment with you and accompanies you from the operation to the rehabilitation and follow-up treatment.

Our barrier-free practice has access to an operating theatre where operations can be performed with local anaesthesia.

Inpatient operations requiring general anaesthesia take place at the St. Marien Hospital in Berlin-Lankwitz and at the Avicenna Clinic in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Our goal is to advise you comprehensively and to find the best possible therapy for you. During the initial consultation, for which we plan at least 45 minutes, all therapy options are discussed in detail. Call us to make an appointment!

All treatment methods comply with the medical standard of the Gesellschaft für Fuß- und Sprunggelenkchirurgie e.V. (Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery). (GFFC) and the German Association for Foot and Ankle.

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