foot surgery and foot therapy in Berlin-ZehlendorfDr Tonio Gottlieb, MDas a specialist in foot surgery, I treat you individually and with the utmost care, always in a sustainable and cause-oriented manner and always with regard to the whole foot and the associated body statics.

Specialist practice and foot therapy centre in Berlin-Zehlendorf

Our private practice for foot surgery and foot therapy in Berlin-Zehlendorf treats you with a high level of specialist expertise, many years of experience and modern medical equipment. Together with you, Dr. med. Tonio Gottlieb will find out the causes of the disease and present treatment concepts that are individually tailored to you. He accompanies you from the consultation and diagnostics to the operation, follow-up treatment and possible rehabilitation measures. Dr. Gottlieb attaches particular importance to a sustainable treatment
that strengthens the foot and makes it resilient in the long term.

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 Foot surgery for the whole foot

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Foot surgery for the whole foot

Foot Surgeon BerlinThe focus of the practice is the surgical treatment of deformities. This includes, for example, the correction of hallux valgus or flat feet (bent, flat and splayed feet) as well as small toe deformities. Other focal points are the treatment of ankle injuries or injuries of the foot such as foot fractures. Initial specialist information on foot diseases and their surgical treatment methods is available here.

Dr Gottlieb, MD will also provide you with comprehensive care for insoles, fitting of footwear as well as physiotherapeutic therapies to specifically combat your foot pain.

In the affiliated podiatry practice "Barefoot" by Darja Gudyrenko, the skin and nails of the foot can also be assessed and treated.

On the road with healthy feet

Feet are the interface with the earth. When we run, jump, dance or take long walks on the beach, we put our feet through a lot. For many years, they take it all in their stride and reliably carry us through the day. And although our feet support our bodies for many hours every day, we often neglect them and underestimate when they hurt. But there are effective therapies and surgery is not always necessary in the treatment.

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Excellent diagnosis - therapy - treatment

The special feature of the upright gait is that it requires sophisticated statics of the feet. Malpositions and untreated injuries to the feet can quickly lead to overloading. Sometimes the wrong footwear is also a trigger for complaints.
Dr Gottlieb, MD takes the time for a precise and detailed foot examination and explains to you what is feasible and possible. In a joint discussion, he will work out the most suitable therapy for you for conservative or surgical treatment.

Find out more about Dr Tonio Gottlieb, MD

Find out more about Dr Gottlieb, MD

As a surgeon and therapist for the whole foot, Tonio Gottlieb, MD, makes a valuable contribution to science through his active research in the field of foot and ankle surgery; he also gives lectures and interviews.

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