Tarsometatarsal Iarthrodesis according to lapidus

Operation procedure

Arthrodesis according to Lapidus is an operation to stabilise the inner arch of the foot, usually with simultaneous correction of a hallux-valgus. In this procedure, the first metatarsal-tarsal joint as well as the first and second metatarsal bones are fused near their base . The aim is to eliminate instabilities in the arch of the foot and to reverse any resulting malpositions of the big toe in order to reconstruct the load-bearing capacity of the inner arch of the foot. This procedure requires a longer follow-up treatment with forearm crutches. The operation is a causative therapy. The usually unstable inner arch of the foot, which has led to the deformity of the forefoot, is stabilised. If the bones involved (first and second metatarsal bones as well as the sphenoid bone) are ossified, hallux valgus cannot recur.

This operation can be used to correct pronounced hallux valgus deformities.


Type of treatment:
3-5 days inpatient
Duration of post-operative care:
6 weeks cast shoe