The development of a bunion, or hallux valgus, takes place over a long period of time and does not always have to be associated with pain. But many sufferers ask themselves: When should you have a hallux valgus operation? Often such a bump on the big toe is genetically determined. If you have been dealing with a painful or sore bunion, you should think about surgical treatment for your hallux valgus.

‍Hammertoes and claw toes are two common foot deformities that affect many people. Hammertoe surgery and or claw toe surgery can help to significantly improve foot complaints caused by Hammertoes or claw toes. However, it is normal for the foot to swell after surgery.

‍As a foot surgeon I am often asked: How do claw toes actually develop? I would therefore like to inform you today about the causes of claw toes. It is also important for me to explain what claw toes are and what symptoms can occur. So, what are claw toes?

Patients who come to me with painful and deformed little toes often have hammer or claw toes. This blog is about responding to the question of how claw toes can be treated surgically. There are conservative and surgical options. My focus in this post is: How can claw toes be treated surgically? First, I will briefly explain what claw toes actually are, how they develop and how they are diagnosed.

I am often asked: What is the difference between hammertoe surgery and claw toe surgery? In line with this question, I would like to clarify in this blog article whether and how hammer toe surgery differs from claw toe surgery. 

One of the most common questions my patients ask me is: How bad is the pain of hallux valgus surgery? Patients are afraid of the pain they may experience during hallux valgus surgery. This is understandable, but the pain is easily manageable with the foot block (local anaesthetic that blocks the nerves of the foot) and other painkillers.

Hallux valgus surgery can be performed very well all year round. Every season has its advantages.

A qualified foot surgeon can get to the bottom of the causes and assess whether revision surgery is necessary.

It happens again and again that the bunion on the big toe comes back even though a hallux valgus operation was performed. Why is this? And what should be done if hallux valgus returns after the surgery? You can find out in today's blog post.

The diagnosis of hallux valgus affects about 10 million people in Germany. Not all of them have a bump on their big toe that is so large or painful that it needs to be operated on. But if an operation is unavoidable, many sufferers ask themselves the question: How is hallux valgus operated on? In any case, you should only entrust yourself to a designated foot surgeon who can demonstrate many years of surgical experience in the correction of hallux valgus.

For some years now, bunion toes - also called hallux valgus - have increasingly been operated on minimally invasively. This is a technique known as MIS - Minimally Invasive Surgery. As an experienced foot surgeon who specialises exclusively in feet and treats them holistically, I am often asked by patients what it means to operate on a hallux valgus in a minimally invasive way? I will inform you about this in this blog article.


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