Meyer scarf osteotomy

Operation procedure

The Meyer Scarf operation, like the Austin operation, is a bony rearrangement of the first metatarsal to correct the hallux valgus. However, the head and shaft of the metatarsal are cut in a Z-shape and moved outwards (towards the little toe). The Z-shape allows a larger osteotomy area and thus a more stable situation to be created. Here too, the purpose is to reset the metatarsophalangeal joint and the "sesamoid bones". It is a load-stable conversion. This means that crutches are not necessary after the operation. However, the conversion is also only symptomatic, as no instabilities that have led to the metatarsals moving apart are treated.

This operation is used to correct moderately severe hallux valgus deformities.


Type of treatment:
3-5 days inpatient
Duration of post-operative care:
6 weeks cast shoe