One of the most frequent questions from our patients is: What are the advantages of hallux valgus surgery over conservative therapy for chronic hallux valgus pain? We would like to answer this question in today's blog post.

These are the most important advantages of cause-oriented bunion surgery

If the pain of the big toe bunion is limiting your performance and if conservative therapies have already been tried, cause-oriented hallux valgus surgery is the most suitable remedy to provide long-term relief.

Hallux valgus surgery advantages at a glance

  1. The foot becomes more efficient and powerful.
  2. Deterioration of the statics is stopped, which can otherwise lead to further deformities (hammer toes or claw toes).
  3. If there is constant pain and inflammation, surgery can provide permanent relief.
  4. Avoiding a protective posture caused by hallux valgus; it can affect the body statics and lead to damage in the ankle, knee and hip.
  5. The earlier the hallux surgery is performed, i.e. the smaller and less pronounced the bump is, the less surgical intervention is usually required.
  6. Usually no recurrence once the bump on the big toe has been removed.
  7. You can wear normal shoes again and walk, sit and stand without pain.
  8. Doing sport again without pain, e.g. jogging, hiking, mountain climbing.
  9. Be without pain even at rest.
  10. Your quality of life increases noticeably because you feel fundamentally better.
  11. The entire foot looks more uniform again, i.e. more aesthetic.
  12. The big toe cannot deform the smaller toes (hammer toe or claw toe) because it no longer presses against them.
  13. If the big toe is properly placed back on the ground when walking, there can be no pain in the metatarsus (metatarsalgia).
  14. The risk of falling or stumbling is significantly reduced because the step is safer again.
  15. With a hallux valgus surgery, you can avoid secondary diseases such as hallux rigidus (arthrosis in the foot).

Although every surgical intervention also involves a certain risk, hallux valgus surgery is a very low-complication operation due to its frequency.

The surgical methods for a hallux valgus are very different and vary depending on the cause of the deformity, the extent of the bunion or the personal circumstances and needs of each individual patient. Tonio Gottlieb, MD always operates on a hallux valgus in a sustainable and cause-oriented manner so that you are free of pain in the long term and the “bump” on the big toe does not come back.

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Tonio Gottlieb, MD exclusively treats feet. As one of only a few foot surgeons in the Berlin area, he takes care of the "whole" foot, i.e. from the ankle joint, to the tarsal, to the metatarsus, to the forefoot. He has been practising for about 20 years and at the same time conducts scientific research. In his private practice in Berlin-Zehlendorf, the foot specialist Tonio Gottlieb, MD takes time for you personally, he advises you in detail and recommends the treatment that is best for you. If you have any further questions about the benefits of hallux valgus surgery, he will be happy to help you.


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