The bunion causes pain for many people. Many sufferers ask themselves: Who operates on a hallux valgus?

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Often this bump on the big toe is inherited, sometimes it is the wrong shoes or shoes that are too tight, and sometimes it is a physical malposition that causes a bunion like this to develop. If you consider that the feet carry the entire body weight, balance physical irregularities and the entire body statics are built on healthy feet, it is not surprising if the feet are incorrectly loaded with the wrong posture and malpositions of the big toe, such as a crooked big toe (hallux valgus), develop.

Who operates on a hallux valgus or bunion?

The appropriate specialists to operate on hallux valgus are foot surgeons or orthopaedic surgeons who specialise in foot disorders. But how do you find the right doctor for hallux valgus? We recommend a doctor who treats holistically, who operates causally and sustainably and at the same time pays attention to your body statics. This way you can be on the safe side and make sure that a hallux valgus deformity will not come back.

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How do I find the best doctor to operate on a hallux valgus?

Surgery for a bunion is necessary if you have had pain or inflammation in the big toe. Pain in the crooked big toe or other associated complaints (metatarsalgia) are limiting the load capacity of the feet and are the most frequent indications for surgical correction.

Only the specialist, the foot surgeon or the foot orthopaedist, can make a reliable diagnosis for hallux valgus surgery.

A specialist examines you carefully and has the necessary practice equipment to make a clear recommendation after an examination. You should therefore pay attention to this when choosing a doctor:

  • Your specialist is exclusively specialised in feet and is therefore particularly experienced in operating on hallux valgus.
  • He not only looks at your feet, but checks whether the body statics are impaired.
  • Ideally, your foot surgeon will have a special examination device for feet, a foot podium.
  • The foot surgeon or foot orthopaedist treats not only the forefoot, but the whole foot. This is particularly important because only then can a treatment be holistic. Unfortunately, there are only a few foot specialists who treat the whole foot.
  • A scientifically researching foot surgeon has the advantage that his knowledge is always up to date and he knows and can assess current medical procedures.
  • You can best expect a confirmed diagnosis from a foot surgeon, because his or her background of experience with foot operations, such as hallux valgus surgery, is usually greater than that of an orthopaedic surgeon, because surgery is one of the foot surgeon's main areas of expertise. Your foot surgeon or foot orthopaedist can recommend an ideal follow-up treatment with targeted exercises and physiotherapy so that you can recover quickly and comprehensively.

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How can you recognise a professional foot surgeon or foot surgery specialist?

  • He specialises exclusively in feet - in treating the whole foot.
  • The surgical focus is on operating on foot diseases or foot malpositions, e.g. hallux valgus or hammer toes, etc.
  • He takes his time and has answers to your questions.
  • He educates them about ALL treatment options.
  • He or she will recommend the most suitable treatment option for you according to your personal situation, wishes and needs.

Tonio Gottlieb, MD is a very experienced and highly professional foot surgeon in Berlin-Zehlendorf, who looks after you personally and attaches importance to a holistic, cause-oriented and sustainable operation of your hallux valgus or other foot malpositions and foot diseases.

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